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Monday, June 18, 2007

lewis and his american dream

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it was an action-packed american gp, with plenty of teammate rivalries and decent overtaking moves. best of all, no safety car.

although ron dennis said lewis won the canadian gp "fair and square", alonso said that lewis was lucky to win as it was a lottery race. well, nothing can be said about lewis' win at america, and it was truly "fair and square". having the clean start and holding strong through the first few corners, lewis made it extremely difficult for alonso to take the win from him. not even a near overtaking move by a two-times world champion could intimidate the cool, calm, and collected lewis. brilliant!

alonso frustrated to play second fiddle?
everyone saw that crazy swerve down the pit straight by alonso. he said it was to cool his car down, but i'd like to think it had something to do with his frustration - and he was sending some signals to his crew. what made the move more suspicious was that it came right after alonso's failed attempt to overtake lewis. i'll just leave it as that.

kimi to play second fiddle, as well
i'm sure some people were excited to see kimi chasing massa's tail till the chequered flag. it may look like "kimi has returned to form", or that "kimi is back"; however, these people choose to ignore the reality that kimi was on the preferred tyres for the race, while massa wasn't. and the fact of the matter is, kimi was slow in his qualifying, then he screwed up his start by dropping two places, and throughout the race he was behind massa. he looked like a number 2 driver to me (but drawing too huge a salary for that kind of performance). like my dad says, "he should be sacked after one season." wise man, i must say.

testing to bring fortune for ferrari
it was quite an embarassing performance, and ferrari just wasn't prepared for monaco, montreal, and indianapolis. while last year montreal and indianapolis were the tracks that saw a ferrari resurgence, this year they were the tracks that mclaren utterly dominated. jean todt was clearly glad they are moving to testing at silverstone next week. apparently, he was hoping the new developments would bring their performance back to pre-monaco days. for inter-team competition's sake, let's hope he's right.

bmw making headlines
not with heidfeld, who retired due to hydraulic leak. but with vettel, a 19 year old 'boy', scoring a point on his debut. he became the youngest driver in f1 history to score a point, which brings up the issue of whether formula 1 is getting too easy. i think there may be a point, but let's not take away credits from vettel. i can't remember what i was doing when i was 19, but i definitely wasn't scoring f1 points for bmw.

winner of the race
fisichella had a gallant run, and made numerous impressive overtaking moves. his moves on wurz and liuzzi were particularily sweet, revealing a pretty efficient spot on the circuit to overtake. prior to this, his attempt to pass button was pretty good as well, driving side by side through numerous corners. for a mr. nice, he didn't look very nice at all. briatore must have been proud, but unfortunately, no point for that run.

loser of the race
ferrari for losing their winning streak at indianapolis. 3rd and 4th may be a result mediocre teams celebrate, but ferrari isn't supposed to be a mediocre team. more importantly, ferrari is moving further away from the championship, and is miles behind mclaren in terms of speed judging by this race. another year without championships? very likely.

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