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Monday, June 11, 2007

lewis triumphed, alonso slaughtered

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yup, there were mclaren fireworks alright, but it only lasted till the first/second corner. alonso attempted a do-or-die move on lewis, but failed miserably. not only did he lose the lead, he lost his position to heidfeld and he lost his car. a stop-go penalty didn't help either.

sato shamed alonso
alonso's day went from bad to worse when he wasn't competitive enough to hold back takuma sato in a super aguri. with just two laps to go, sato went on the outside of the straight to overtake alonso before the final chicane. it was a fantastic move, and the crowds loved it. granted, alonso was probably more concerned of the championship to ensure he didn't lose all his points.

lewis' maiden win, with many more wins to come
lewis on the other hand, rampaged on from the lead and never looked back. not even four safety cars could create a dent on his charge. for a rookie to handle the safety car periods with ease was nothing short of superb. he really did put the more seasoned drivers out there to shame. lewis is definitely a driver full of confidence, and if he continues to stay hungry and humble, there's just no stopping him. 6 races and a first win, that's pretty good.

damage limitation
lewis' win gave mclaren a very comfortable lead. it really looks like a year for mclaren. although alonso's race was totally wrecked, it was actually damage limitation for team mclaren. alonso benefited from massa and fisichella's black-flag incident, kubica's horrid crash, and four safety car periods to keep in touch with the rival and to score a couple of points. for modern f1, every point counts.

one safety car too many
circuit gilles villeneuve always delivers grand prix excitement. the races were never boring, year after year, promising plenty of actions. this year was no difference. however, i just think there were too many safety cars and too little racing. the walls of champions continued to punish drivers, claiming a handful of drivers. the worst hit driver was kubica, his car damaged beyond recognition. thanks to the strong fia crash-test regulations, kubica was lucky to walk off with just a broken leg (bmw statement).

kubica crashes []

winner of the race
who else? lewis... who now leads the world championship by 8 points.

loser of the race
backmarkers, except sato, for continuing to show a lack of class under challenging circuits such as the circuit gilles villeneuve.

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