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Friday, May 25, 2007

lewis crash! boom! bang!

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is this a sign of things to come? lewis hamilton crashed his car to the wall, and it was a huge one. was it a mistake? was it the nerves getting to him? or was he really exploring the limits?

i like how puts it:
It had to happen – the vultures have been circling, waiting patiently, for four races now; Lewis Hamilton made a mistake in second practice for the Monaco Grand Prix.

- read complete article to see how practice 2 at monaco went
cynical aren't these people? not everyone is as kind as haug, forgiving their protege. but it's true, people have been waiting for lewis' first cock up, good (or bad, if you're a cynic) thing for lewis it came during the practice. i do hope he can recover quickly from this accident and continue his superb form.

joining hamilton in the crash list is ralf schumacher, anthony davidson, and adrian sutil. i believe you can expect more during qualifying and the race.

remember, no friday practice for monaco - that has been the tradition. so at the moment, mclaren seems to be ahead of ferrari. alonso beating hamilton, and kimi beating massa. will we see a revenge of the number 2, yet again, during qualifying and possibly the race? only two days left for us to find out.

are you ready for monaco?

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